Romney and Ryan swing through Ohio

Sep 25, 2012

Kicking off an Ohio bus tour, Republican Mitt Romney says president Barack Obama is offering a "foreign" vision of government.

 At an airport rally in Vandalia, Romney told several thousand cheering supporters that Obama believes bureaucrats in Washington -- "know better than a free people."

Romney:   If this president persists on the road of making it harder and harder for small businesses to grow and thrive, he's going to slowly but surely weaken our economy, and turn us into Greece, and we must not let it happen.

Speaking in Cincinnati, running mate Paul Ryan said Obama ignored more pressing problems to focus the first years of his administration on healthcare reform.

Ryan: ... and the next two years he spent regulating.  This is killing jobs.  This is plaguing our business with uncertainty.  We're offering real reforms -- for a real recovery.

On Wednesday, Romney has stops scheduled near Columbus and Cleveland, and in Toledo.  President Obama will also be in Ohio Wednesday as he visits the college towns of Bowling Green and Kent.  Both candidates have new ads aimed at winning working-class voters who could help swing the election.