Safety Officials Mum On Source Of Cyclosporiasis Outbreak

Aug 8, 2013

Food safety advocates are criticizing a lack of information being disseminated about an intestinal illness tied to prepackaged salad that has sickened nearly 400 people nationwide, including one in Ohio.

Federal health officials say the outbreak of cyclosporiasis from the rare parasite cyclospora is not yet over. But those looking to find out exactly where the parasite came from may be out of luck. Health officials in Nebraska and Iowa say they've traced cases there to prepackaged salad. But they haven't revealed the company that packaged the salad or where it was sold. Here's Steven Mandernach with the Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeal.

The lack of information has fueled concern from critics who say information about the outbreak is crucial for consumers. A 63-year-old Lucas County woman is among those who were sickened.