Senate Committee Releasing Budget Bill Today

May 28, 2013

An Ohio Senate committee is releasing its version of the two year state budget bill today.

Senate President Keith Faber has said the measure likely will not include Governor John Kasich's proposal to expand Medicaid to an estimated 275-thousand uninsured Ohioans. Barb Yavorcik with the Autism Society of Ohio says the expansion would help people with autism access critical intervention services.

Yavorcik notes the Ohio House version of the budget bill funds screening and early intervention programs to help those affected by autism, and moves to a per-pupil formula for preschool funding. But the Senate has yet to make a decision on those provisions.

Senate Democrats say they have submitted 200 amendments to the proposal. One would take millions of dollars from a proposed income tax cut for high wage earners and direct it to schools. Those amendments are expected to go nowhere in the Republican-controlled legislature. Additional hearings are planned this week. The House passed its version of the 61.5 billion dollar bill last month. The two chambers will likely have to negotiate the differences in their versions before June 30th.