SMOD: globalFEST 2012

Jul 26, 2012
Originally published on June 17, 2014 2:54 pm

Here comes another generation of masterful West African grooves: the Malian group SMOD, making its U.S. debut. If there's a familiar, lilting guitar-and-song groove underpinning the band's layers of hip-hop rhymes, don't be surprised; one of the members, Sam, is the son of the phenomenal duo Amadou and Mariam.

SMOD has benefited from that sphere of music's influence; the visionary Manu Chao, who produced Sam's parents' excellent album Dimanche à Bamako, also produced SMOD's debut. With tightly wound vocal harmonies and effervescent guitar played by Sam, the singing was even more effective than the rapping.

Set List

  • "Fitri Waleya"
  • "Dakan"
  • "Ca Chante"
  • "Dirigeants Africains"
  • "Jennes Filles Du Maliba"
  • "J'ai Pas Peur Du Micro"
  • "Ambola"
  • "Politic Adani"
  • "Dja"
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