State Lawmaker Passes Away

Jun 27, 2014

Terry Blair
Credit Ohio House of Representatives

Funeral services are pending for a Republican State Representative who passed away yesterday.

67-year-old Terry Blair chaired the Ohio House State and Local Government Committee. The family says Blair died after battling an undisclosed illness. He spent more than 25 years serving in local and state government. Ohio Public Radio's Andy Chow reports.

Before coming to the Statehouse in 2009, Representative Terry Blair spent two decades serving as a township trustee. This is one of the reasons he was appointed to chair the State and Local Government Committee.

House Speaker Bill Batchelder says he’s shocked by Blair’s passing. He adds that—during his many years at the Statehouse he’s experienced the loss of sitting lawmakers—but it doesn’t soften the blow.

Batchelder: “This is one that is really difficult for me because of the morals and the ethics and the real wonderful ability of chairman that he had and I know I’m going to miss him.”

Blair’s expansive impact on the General Assembly is evident by the outpouring of sympathy from both sides of the aisle. That includes Democratic Representative Ron Gerberry from Canfield, who worked alongside Blair on the committee.

Gerberry: “He was humble. He was fair. He was a compassionate person who started every committee hearing with a prayer. He was just one of the most genuine people that I’ve had the distinct honor of serving with.”

Both Gerberry and Batchelder said Blair created a unique committee atmosphere that was open, fair, and respectful.

Blair died in a Dayton hospital. The cause of his death was not released. The 67-year-old is survived by his wife, four children and eight grandchildren.