Strickland Slams Romney Over Video Comments

Sep 19, 2012

Former Gov. Ted Strickland appears to be continuing the “attack dog” role he took on at the Democratic National Convention, going after Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney.

Mike Foley has more.


Add Ohio's former governor to the list of those reacting to Mitt Romney's comments during a dinner with wealthy donors. In the secretly-recorded video, Romney characterized 47 percent of Americans who don't pay income tax as victims who fail to take responsibility for their lives. Speaking at the Ohio Democratic Party's headquarters, here's how Strickland responded to Romney's comments.

Strickland "I think this is really disturbing because what he said reflects a total disdain for many millions of American citizens - some of them are soldiers, many of them are senior citizens, many of them are just working people who don't make a lot of money but work really hard. When Mitt Romney met with the fat cats and was willing to say such degrading things about so many Americans, I think it makes him really unqualified and even unfit to be the president of our country."

Strickland urged voters to watch the full video, saying he feels it shows the "real Romney." The Republican presidential hopeful has said his comments were "not elegantly stated."