Study Projects Ohio Will Add Jobs

Jun 27, 2013

A new study shows Ohio stands to see nearly 2-million new jobs by the next decade, if all goes well with the economy between now and then.

 Brian Bull of member station WCPN in Cleveland reports.

Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the Workforce did a nationwide forecast for job creation for 2010 to 2020, and found that Ohio fared pretty well.  The Center’s senior economist, Nicole Smith:

NSmith01: “Ohio could expect 1-point-9 million jobs to become available, for new college grads.” (:05)

More than half of that comes from newly created positions, while about 700-thousand openings will come from Baby Boomers grabbing their nest eggs and retiring. 

Smith says these numbers are dependent on relative economic calm - basically no crippling depressions or recessions.  She says the greatest job growth will be in specific industries.

NSmith02: “Professional and business services.  They also include STEM occupations. Health care and social assistance is increasing very quickly and rapidly in Ohio as well as the rest of the nation.  As well as in finance.” (:14)

Smith adds that roughly two-thirds of all jobs in 2020 will require some post-secondary education and training outside high school.  Ohio’s job forecast is strong compared to Michigan and Indiana, but trails Illinois and neighboring Pennyslvania.