Suspect In Cleveland Murder Commits Suicide In Pennsylvania

Steve Stephens
Credit Cleveland Police

Cleveland police chief Calvin Williams says the alleged murderer who was the subject of a nationwide man hunt took his own life Tuesday near a fast food restaurant in Erie, Pennsylvania.

Steve Stevens allegedly killed Robert Godwin Senior on Sunday and posted a video of it online. Williams says Stevens killed himself after being stopped by police who were called by a restaurant employee who recognized the suspect.

FBI agent Stephen Anthony said the ending could have been worse.

University of Florida Criminal justice professor Raymond Surette specializes in what’s called “performance crime.”  He says instead of trying to hide crimes, more and more people are posting them on social media.

Surette says social media outlets are not responsible because there are too many uploads to check. Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg says his firm will launch a review of reporting harmful content. Stevens' employer says he passed an extensive background check, and was a good worker. Since 2008, Stephens had been employed at a behavioral health facility, working with at risk children and young adults. Facility spokesperson Nancy Kortemeyer.

Kortemeyer says the facility is checking with its attorneys to see if Stephens' file can be made public.  Police say Stephens had no criminal record.