Suspect Killed, Probation Officer Wounded At Columbus Condominium

Jul 11, 2014

A Franklin County probation officer was shot and wounded on Columbus' South side Thursday morning, and Columbus police say the suspected shooter was killed.

Investigators say officer Jonathan Farnsworth and his partner went to a unit at the Gentry Landing Condominium complex on Petzinger Road to arrest a suspect on a probation violation. Police Sergeant Rich Weiner says the suspect, 37-year-old Tyshawn Hancock, dove for a weapon and physically assaulted one of the officers.

Four other people were in the home at the time of the shooting. Hancock's grandfather, Chuck Roberts told reporters  he heard a struggle and gunshots after the officers confronted his grandson. He says he heard a pause between gunshots, and his grandson was shot twice. Roberts says he did not see the shooting, but heard the events leading up to it.  Weiner would not say how many shots were fired, or if there was a pause between shots. Farnsworth is hospitalized after undergoing abdominal surgery yesterday.