Tax amnesty brings in last minute rush of filings

Jun 18, 2012

A six-week-long tax amnesty program for Ohioans ended last Friday, but tax officials don’t yet know how much total money has come IN as a result.

Ohioans who had failed to pay sales taxes, income taxes, and other taxes were told they could avoid all the penalties and half of the interest charges…if they came clean and paid up NOW. Gary Gudmundson  is with the State Department of taxation.

GG: Well, no huge surprise; people are people and they wait until the last minute, and that happened with this program too.  We have 8 tubs of mail and applications and payments to wade through.  We hope to do that by the end of this week, and then we'll know a little better how the program fared. 

Gudmundson says, as of last Friday, 17 million dollars had poured in....but there's still a chance that, once the unopened mail is processed, the total take may indeed reach the earlier forecast of 36 million dollars.