A Thanksgiving Letter to Our Listeners

Nov 22, 2012

I take Thanksgiving seriously.  The holiday has a very special meaning -- one of a precious few that puts our focus outward.  Even as we look inward to reflect on all the good things that have entered our lives, we center on the external sources of that goodness:  on friends, on family, on community.  It's the one time of year we acknowledge that we can't make it in the world by ourselves...that the best things in life come from others.

Reflecting on this past year, I am immensely grateful for you.  Without you, there simply couldn't be a WCBE.  Sure, you already know we cannot exist without your donations -- listener financial support is the single most critical funding source for us.  But you play an even bigger role than that.  You're the very heart of this radio station.  Without you, why would we choose this line of work?  Why care so passionately about providing a 24/7 service that takes us away from our homes and families at all hours of the day and night?  Why shape that service into a haven away from noise and bluster, a haven where you can find reliable news, considered commentary, and exposure to a music culture that would otherwise hide obscurely below your melodic radar?

It takes extraordinary amounts of work to keep WCBE there for you.  But every driveway moment, every listener query about a news story, every listener call about a song we play -- that makes it all worthwhile.  Knowing how much you rely on this little resting place on your radio dial means we're fulfilling our very mission, and that fact provides a deep, awe-inspiring satisfaction no other job I've ever held can match.  Serving you is the best career any of us at WCBE could possibly hold.

Spiritually, you give WCBE a reason to exist.  Materially, you give WCBE the resources to exist.  From any vantage point, we simply wouldn't be here without you.  So, throughout the Thanksgiving holiday and weekend, as you listen to WCBE, remember how grateful we are that you're there, tuned in and listening.

Thank you.

Dan Mushalko, WCBE Member and Station Manager