Thanksgiving Programming On 90.5 FM

Nov 23, 2016

While you’re preparing your Thanksgiving feast tomorrow, we invite you to feast your ears, as well!  We have a great line-up of special programs through the day…including the pilot for a local show for which we’d love your feedback.

Here are the audio appetizers on our Thanksgiving menu:

 • 9am – Terrible, Thanks for Asking.  For people like me who’ve lost loved ones near or during the holidays. Funny and sad, uncomfortable and comforting, it’s mostly just plain human – exploring how we get on in life after facing tragedy.  Hosted by Nora McInerny Purmort.

 • 10am – You, Inc.  This is a show about you!  Host Ria Greiff interviews central Ohioans who exemplify various aspects of self-improvement, balanced minds, or just plain living well.  It’s about boosting your EQ instead of focusing on IQ.  Produced by Ria and WCBE.  We’d love to hear what you think of the program as a possible new, local series.  You’ll find our listener survey online at

 • 11am – Studio 360: Can Laughter Make Us Healthier?  The perfect complement to You, Inc.  Today’s show explores the incredible benefits you get from a good old belly laugh.

 • Noon – Turkey Confidential.  A long-time tradition at WCBE; for two hours, Splendid Table host Lynne Rossetto Kasper is on the air live helping listeners salvage their kitchen mishaps as they prepare Thanksgiving dishes.  Think of it as culinary triage!  Guests include Mario Batali and Chris Thile.  During the show, call 1-800-242-2828 for Lynne’s savory assistance!

 • 2pm – The Craft Thanksgiving Special.  Another local production, host Doug Dangler enhances in-depth interviews with musician Loreena McKennitt and novelist Greg Johnson with perspectives from OSU historians, then spices it up with WCBE listeners revealing what they’re thankful for.