Tips For Healthy And Safe Grilling

Jul 2, 2013

The state Fire Marshal is urging Ohioans to take safety precautions while grilling outdoors this summer.

Larry Flowers says grills led to 130 fires and three reported injuries last year. He says propane and charcoal grills should be used outdoors and away from railings, eaves and overhanging branches. He recommends people wear fitted clothing while grilling and ensure children are supervised and kept away from grills. Flowers suggests users of gas grills check the connection between their propane tanks and the fuel lines before starting. He also says lighter fluid should never be added to an existing fire and charcoal coals shouldn't be disposed of until they have cooled. Medical research has linked charred, grilled meats to cancer-causing substances. Amy Jamieson-Petonic with the Cleveland Clinic has a tip.

Jamieson-Petonic also suggests pre-cooking red meat.

Jamieson-Petonic says ground turkey does not pose the same risk as red meat but people should still avoid charring it.