Trakas Resigns From Board

Aug 14, 2013

A former state lawmaker has resigned his position as head of the state cosmetology board after a report blasting his actions involving a central Ohio salon.

Statehouse correspondent Karen Kasler reports.

The Inspector General says Ohio Board of Cosmetology executive director Jim Trakas told the owner of a Grove City hair salon that he could make a $500 fine go away if the owner would allow a stylist to stay for another 2-3 months – and told the owner she could face a lawsuit if the stylist was dismissed. The stylist’s mother had contacted the cosmetology board to complain about fumes coming from a nail technician’s work station, which resulted in the fine. Trakas told the IG that he was just trying to come up with what he called a win-win scenario, but the IG says it was up to the cosmetology board, not Trakas, to decide to impose the fine. Trakas, a former state lawmaker and Cuyahoga County Republican Party chair, resigned Tuesday, saying he accepted the IG’s decision and – quoting here - “I am very sorry I have brought unwarranted bad publicity to our board.”