Transporter 2


I'm usually pushing the arty films or the thematically rich indies, so let me digress and recommend Transporter 2 for mindless fun without a speck of artistic heft. Jason Statham plays Frank Martin, a super operative who would discretely carry your mother-in-law to Hades for a price, and drive her there in a shiny black Audi.

This thriller about a very bad dude extorting cash from the DEA head by using a virus moves as fast as Martin drives, and as recklessly. There is absolutely no original shot in this movie except when Martin ingeniously removes an explosive device from the bottom of his car.

There are James Bond moments of guilty pleasure such as watching the super leggy Katy Nauta play a blonde villain as good as any Bond girl you ever saw who could shoot an Uzi in each hand and yet win a certain affection from Martin and us for that matter.