Trasmitter Update

Jul 18, 2017

(Update 7/28/2017): We're back up to full-power! Thanks for your support and patience!

(Update 7/24/2017): Our low-power transmitter is broadcasting at 1,000 watts! The small transmitter was installed on Friday, and is now providing better quality audio. While the low-power transmitter carries our signal farther out, we still need parts for our regular transmitter. With our regular transmitter up and running, we can reach across central Ohio. We estimate that our full-power transmitter will be installed an operational later this week. 

(Update 7/20/2017): After a careful analysis of our transmitter site, our engineers have determined that the damage from the lightning strike was more extensive than originally thought. Additional parts have been ordered to replace fried parts.  There are also several issues with the infrastructure in our transmitter room that need to be patched up. That being said, WCBE won’t be fully operational until next week.

However there is good news! Our backup transmitter will be installed this Friday. It will allow us to broadcast at 1,000 watts - covering much more of our listening area, and bringing back great sound quality.

Thanks for your continued patience and support!

(Update 7/18/2017): Due to several delays and continued equipment issues, WCBE will remain on low power through Wednesday, July 19th. 

In a few days, we hope to be broadcasting at 300 watts, with which our signal should carry out to the I-270 corridor. Meanwhile, several of the transmitter components have been ordered and will hopefully be installed on Friday. Thank you for your continued patience through this challenging process. Listeners can still listen to 90.5 on, or via your favorite streaming app.