Treasurer Launches Financial Literacy Initiative

Sep 9, 2013

State Law requires high school students to learn about financial responsibility before graduating.

As Ohio Public Radio's Andy Chow reports, the Ohio Treasurer's Office is lending a hand.

Starting this year, Ohio high school seniors must complete a financial literacy program. As schools around the state determine how they will deliver this type of education to their students… the Ohio Treasurer’s Office is launching an initiative to provide free financial education tools to students, teachers and parents.

Treasurer Josh Mandel announced the new program… known as “Financial EDge” while visiting a group of students at the Columbus Downtown High School.

The initiative provides many online resources so students can learn about personal fiscal responsibility through interactive programs.

The treasurer believes this kind of information is vital for young adults after they leave high school.

Mandel: “I think you see a lot of kids in college who sign up for credit cards because—you know—they get a free t-shirt on the oval or because they were convinced to do so for whatever reason and when that high school student gets that credit card I think it’s important that he or she makes good financial decisions with that card and also makes good financial decisions managing his or her check book.”

The treasurer’s office will start the initiative in urban schools before spreading out to rural and suburban areas.