Underwriting/Marketing Associate Job Opening

Jul 14, 2017

Salary: $23.81 - $33.01 Hourly
Location: Columbus, OH|
Job Type: Full Time
Department: Communications & Public Relations
Job Number: 17-5852-NC1
Closing: 7/28/2017 11:59 PM Eastern

Underwriting Sales Associate

(CCS Title: “Underwriting/Marketing Associate”)

Your core duties are twofold:

1)      Obtain business underwriting to support Central Ohio’s NPR station (it’s second only to listener donations as our biggest source of operating funds!); and

2)      Maintain, foster, and grow partnerships with area non-profits and community-minded businesses.

In the business world, the rough equivalent is sales and community outreach.

WCBE has a very team-oriented environment.  You’ll also assist other departments on occasion – primarily Membership.  These related ancillary duties include:

·         Seeking restaurateurs, caterers, and other food service folks to provide food for our volunteers during on-air fund drives;

·         Develop and help coordinate special events;

·         Assist in finding opportunities for WCBE to help the community off the air (such as internship programs;

·         Help special community causes by arranging media sponsorships/trades with other non-profits;

·         Assist with marketing and outreach programs;

·         Assist with grant applications;

·         Collect funds from organizational donors/underwriters.

In addition to the standard qualifications listed on the Columbus City Schools website, experience with Allegiance or other radio traffic software is a big plus!

Test/Job Contact InformationThis job posting is for a noncompetitive position.  The hiring department will conduct a preliminary review of your application to determine who to interview.  Please be sure that the job experience and education information in your profile is up to date and accurate before submitting your application.


Agency: Columbus City Schools
Address: 270 E. State Street
Columbus, Ohio, 43215

Phone: 614-365-5000

Application Website: