Voter Turnout Will Likely Be A Record Low

Nov 6, 2014

Unofficial results indicate Ohio voter turnout on Tuesday will be among the lowest on record for a midterm election.

Ohio Public Radio's Karen Kasler reports.

How low was voter turnout? Ask Mike Dawson, who tracks and compares data from the Secretary of State’s website on his own site  
“The third lowest total in the last 15 gubernatorial elections. It’s actually stunning – 850,000 below 2010, and almost a million below 2006.”  
And Dawson says he’s seeing something he’s never seen before in the numbers of votes for governor and votes for the next race listed on the ballot.  
“In this particular race, the attorney general’s race is going to attract between 4- and 5-thousand more votes than the governor’s race, which is unheard of.”  
If unofficial results hold, the Green Party candidates for governor got 3.3% of the vote – a record for a third party in a governor’s race in recent history and enough to qualify the Green Party as a minor political party with automatic ballot status under a new state law.