WCBE Labor Day 2014 Programming Schedule

Aug 29, 2014

9am - Innovation Hub: Work, Interrupted
A look at how work - and workers - are changing for the better or worse: which robots should we fear, why we might be heading for a 32 hour work week, how money doesn't make us as happy as we think, and Tom Friedman weighs in on how we should be better preparing for the future workplace.

10am -FutureWork: How Technology Will Redefine The Culture of Work
Former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich and Spectrum magazine editor Susan Hassler explore how technology is redefining work. How will tech affect hiring practices? What kind of training will future jobs require? What does the office of the future look like? And can a robot do your job?

11am - In Search of James Brown: An Appreciation
This is the audio story of producer Paul Ingles' quest to interview the Godfather of Soul at this 1999 concert in Albuquerque. While waiting for the interview, you'll hear his conversations with fans, handlers...and, of course, music from James Brown's concert.

12pm - Work 'n Music: A Labor Day Weekend Special
Charlie Warren hosts an hour of music about work: from mining to manufacturing, with artists as diverse as The Silhouettes and George Carlin.

1pm - Workin': The Work Song in Jazz and Popular Music
Another hour of songs about work...this time, with jazz historian Ted Gioia...who looks at the relationship of work songs to jazz and popular music.

2pm - Play Ball!
As the season for the boys of summer nears its close, we'll pay tribute with music all about America's pastime. From the Treniers serenading Willie Mays to Mickey Mantle responding to Teresa Brewer's "I Love Mickey," we'll hear the familiar and the obscure.