Weekend Getaway

WCBE Warms Up to New Weekend Getaway!

Every Sunday evening at midnight, WCBE brings listeners the best in documentaries and other short-term radio series. This month, we're heading south for the rest of winter for Music from the Sunshine State.

We often think of New York city or Washington, DC, as the major multicultural areas of the U.S. But Florida, too, is home to a healthy wealth of different ethnicities each with their own brand of music. Music from the Sunshine State explores this musical variety.

So throw away those mouse ears, and forget about hitting the beach during spring break. Instead, get ready to hear the hidden vibrance of modern Florida!

Here's what's coming up:

March 9/10 ? Fiddling Traditions
March 16/17 ? Mexican Melodies
March 23/24 ? From the Pacific Islands
March 30/31 ? Old-Time & Bluegrass Sounds
April 6/7 ? Sacred Sounds
April 13/14 ? Blues' Roots & Branches
April 20/21 ? Cuban Rhythms
April 27/28 ? Caribbean Sunshine.