West Side Market Vendor Stand Reopens

May 2, 2013

The second of two vendor stands damaged by a fire at Cleveland’s West Side Market reopened yesterday.

Brian Bull of member station WCPN in Cleveland reports.

Shoppers are circling Foster’s Meats again.  Since a fire broke out January 30th, Brian Foster’s stand had been out of commission, until now. He says it’s great to finally get back to business.

BFoster01: “Took awhile for the fire investigation. Something electric, but I’m not sure exactly what.  I think it was just a fluke thing.  I don’t think it was nothing intentional.  And then they needed to get the counter installed.  All new equipment, everything’s nice, shiny, clean.  And the customers couldn’t wait for me to get back.” (:16)

He also shelled out 24-hundred for the new stuffed steer head that beckons shoppers from its perch above the stand. The old one was destroyed in the fire. 

Another stand, Sebastian’s Meats, reopened in March.  The rest of the West Side Market was closed for three weeks, as crews cleaned up and investigators looked into possible causes. 

Market administrators say that investigation still continues. 

For Ohio Public Radio, I’m Brian Bull in Cleveland.