What's the meaning of this Whiskers section anyway?

Columbus, OH –

So what's the deal with this section? Well, we created Whiskers late last year. Nearly all of us at WCBE are pet lovers. We all know about whiskers, those often pesky hairs that protrude from our furry friends and sometimes even our own faces. Well, this section will include protrusions or extensions that grow out of the stories and interviews that we produce. Those extra elements that we might not have time for on the air, but that you still might find interesting or intriguing. Most of the time, it will contain additional audio, but we could include photos and other elements when applicable. So, be sure and come back often and tell us what you think. By the way, we'll soon be unveiling a new web tool to better communicate on stories and interviews you've heard and important issues and ideas we should pursue. We're also in the middle of an entire website makeover. Please be patient, as these things take time. As always, we thank you for joining us at 90.5 FM in Columbus and right here on the web.