Yost Runs Into Opposition For JobsOhio Records

Mar 8, 2013

Ohio's top lawmakers are opposing efforts by the state auditor, a fellow Republican, to gain access to the private financial books of JobsOhio, a nonprofit entity created by Governor John Kasich to lure jobs to Ohio.

State Auditor Dave Yost says he has the right to audit both the public and private funds flowing through the year-old public-private partnership. Republican Senate President Keith Faber says he doesn't believe a government official can force a private entity like JobsOhio to disclose private financial records. House Speaker Bill  Batchelder, also a Republican, says the law creating JobsOhio doesn't give Yost such power.
JobsOhio has gone to market with a $1.5 billion bond offering backed by proceeds from its rights to the state's liquor business for the next 25 years.