Yost Wants State To Stop Providing Funding To ECOT

Jul 25, 2017

State Auditor David Yost
Credit Ohio Public Radio

The state auditor wants the Ohio Department of Education to stop providing funding for the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow, saying there are still discrepancies as to how many students are actually attending the state's largest online charter school operator.

Ohio Public Radio's Andy Chow reports.

The Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow received millions of dollars based on enrollment of more than 14,000 students. But Auditor Dave Yost says that doesn’t add up given ECOT’s own court statements.


Yost: “They told the Supreme Court earlier this month that they had an unprecedented drop in enrollment, well both of those things can’t be true.  


The state is already clawing back $60 million because of an inflated student count two school years ago. 


Yost, who used to be an ECOT supporter, wants to avoid another claw back a year from now. So he’s asking the Ohio Department of Education to hold a significant portion ECOT's monthly payments till an exact student count can be verified.