You Inc. Episode 10 Podcast and Library

Aug 1, 2017

Short Cuts with Eric Bean and Lenny Kolada

In this week's episode, learn how to utilize "Short Cuts" in order to recharge and be able to handle life's challenges effectively and creatively.  Listen to Eric Bean and Lenny Kolada discuss these "Short Cuts," hear their thoughts on the growing craft brewing industry, and discover how sometimes taking a break can be the best choice for your brand.

Links and Book Resources for this Episode


Let’s start every weekend together with a newer YOU! Let’s build your brand together, week by week, tool by tool on You Inc. with me, Ria Greiff Saturdays at 6:30 a.m. In this episode, we find out how Eric Bean and Lenny Kolada understand "Short Cuts" and hear their thoughts on the growing craft brewing industry. Join us for You Inc.: Saturday’s new must for a new You, presented to you on Central Ohio’s NPR station 90.5 WCBE!



Eric Bean

When Eric Bean took over Columbus Brewing Co. in 2005, the microbrewery was producing 1,500 barrels of beer annually. Last year, it turned out more than 15,000. Under Mr. Bean’s leadership, CBC has become Columbus’ most decorated brewery. Eric Bean has helped to name Ohio’s craft beer industry the fourth largest producer in the country, crafting more than one million barrels. He is the president of the Ohio Craft Brewers Association, and Eric works personally with each of the almost 100 member breweries because, “our belief is that we owe it to the industry to make life easier for the smaller guys and to open some doors to make the legislative pieces easier."






Lenny Kolada

 Lenny Kolada, aka the self-described Brewdood, is at the helm of Commonhouse Ales. Commonhouse is Ohio’s first Certified B Corporation brewery. B Corp businesses are committed and accountable to rigorous social and environmental standards. As part of that commitment, Commonhouse has set up a community fund through The Columbus Foundation called Commonhouse Shares, which will support local community nonprofit organizations. Commonhouse will donate $1 for every six-pack sold of Six.One For Good Ale to this fund. He is a craft beer pioneer who has helped shape the Columbus craft beer scene to what it is today who has moved into his own production craft space.

Links and book resources for this episode:

A Small Book About Drugs: The Debate We Need to Have About Recreational Drugs - Lisa Pryor

Buzzed: The Straight Facts About the Most Used and Abused Drugs from Alcohol to Ecstasy (Fully Revised and Updated Fourth Edition) 4th Edition - Cynthia Kuhn Ph.D.

Recreational Drugs: A Directory Paperback – Harry Shapiro

On Speed, The Many Lives of Amphetamine - Nicolas Rasmussen


How Brains React to Drugs - drugabuse.gov

Better Living Through Chemistry - Tom Breihan | Yahoo Music

History Of Meth - Nicholas L. Parsons