You Inc Episode 26 Podcast and Library

Nov 14, 2017

Chatting About Comedy with (614) Magazine Editor-in-Chief Travis Hoewisher

In this week's episode, join Ria in chatting about comedy.  Often, we only see the challenges of life from a certain perspective, and we approach them in kind.  Taking time out of your schedule to simply laugh and find the humor in every situation can lead to genuine happiness.  Listen to Travis Hoewisher, (614) Editor-in- Chief, discuss how comedy enhances his life.  

Links and Book Resources for this Episode

*Clowns and Jokers Can Heal Us:  Comedy and Medicine by Dr. Albert Howard Carter

*The Laughing Cure:  Emotional and Physical Healing by Brian Kin

*Why We Laugh

*Laugh for No Reason by Madan Kataria