You Inc. Episode Eight Podcast and Library

Jun 25, 2017

Sparking Simplicity with StoryTeller Larry Smith

In this episode, spark simplicity in your life by considering your “why,” meditating on motivation, and contemplating your essence and what really matters. Build your brand with Larry Smith, the creator of Smith Magazine and the Six Word Memoir Project. 

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Let’s start every weekend together with a newer YOU! Let’s build your brand together, week by week, tool by tool on You Inc. with me Ria Greiff. Saturdays at 6:30am. This week find out how Larry Smith Sparks Simplicity his life in a memoir in more than six words. Find out how to spark your simplicity and. Join us for You Inc. , Saturday’s new must for a new You, presented to you on Central Ohio’s NPR station...90.5 WCBE!

Links and book resources for this episode.