You Inc. Episode Four Podcast and Library

Jun 25, 2017

How to Fiddle with Fear with Storytelling Pro & Entrepreneur Leaper David All

In this week's episode, learn the importance of examining and harnessing fear to use as a tool. Build your brand by confronting what scares you and learning to handle both true and unwarranted fears in an effective way. Listen to David All, professional storyteller and successful entrepreneur, discuss how he utilizes this tool to further his career.

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Let’s start every weekend together with a newer YOU! Let’s build your brand together, week by week, tool by tool on You Inc. with me Ria Greiff. Saturdays at 6:30am. This week find out how David All, a champion of all storytelling, managed to find the right tune while fiddling with this week’s You Inc. tool, Fear. Don’t be afraid. Join us for You Inc. , Saturday’s new must for a new You, presented to you on Central Ohio’s NPR station...90.5 WCBE!

Links and book resources for this episode.