You Inc. Episode Nine Podcast and Library

Jul 25, 2017

Understanding Generational Differences with Artie Isaac

In this week’s episode, discover how an understanding of generational differences can be used as a tool in your life with the help of Artie Isaac. Isaac, a skilled public speaker and motivator, will help you continue to build your brand by learning how to effectively communicate across generations, understand generational culture, and keep your mind plastic.

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Let’s start every weekend together with a newer YOU! Let’s build your brand together, week by week, tool by tool on You Inc. with me, Ria Greiff Saturdays at 6:30 a.m. In this episode, we find out how Artie Isaac Understands Generational Differences and keeps his mind plastic. Challenge your conceptions on aging and join us for You Inc.: Saturday’s new must for a new You, presented to you on Central Ohio’s NPR station 90.5 WCBE!

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