You Inc. Episode Six Podcast and Library

Jun 25, 2017

Open to Optimism w/ Executive Director and Emmy Award Winner John Daugherty

In this week's episode, learn the importance of optimism with the help of Emmy Award winner, John Daugherty. Making the choice to include this tool into your lifestyle will allow you to face your problems with a more positive outlook, just as John Daugherty's openness to optimism helped him succeed.


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You’ll never be as young as you are today so don’t waste another moment not attending to the most important brand in your life.. You Inc. Join me, Ria Greiff, Saturdays at 6:30am just after your morning Java as you prepare to take on the weekend. This week, we will have John Daugherty, Executive Director of the Film Commision and how his openness to Optimism opened gargantuan doors for the industry in Columbus. New tools every week, to enhance your relationships and master those soft skills. Time to be in charge of yourself. That’s You Inc, every Saturdays at 6:30am on 90.5 WCBE!

Links and book resources for this episode.