You Inc. Episode Three Podcast and Library

Jan 22, 2017

Finding Resiliency with Gene Smith and Creating Inclusivity with Katie Smith


You Inc. Episode Three, Segment One


Find out how Gene Smith, master of OSU Athletic Dpt. finds Resiliency for himself, his family, and his staff, even using emojis! And receive practical, easy ways to increase your ability to be resilient through any challenge!

Links and book resources for segment one.

7 Habits of Highly Effective People and Teens by Sean Covey

Life Reimagined by Barbara Hagerty

Why We Snap by Douglas Fields

Devoured by Sophie Egan

Your Kid's a Brat by Elaine Glickman

Operation Happiness by Kristi Ling

Smith Takes on New Role

Harbaugh's Twitter Rant

Gene Smith Career

You Inc. Episode Three Segment Two

Katie Smith- Discover how three-time Olympian Katie Smith and other ballers like Lebron create inclusivity in their lives and on the court and how fun shopping abroad can be. Fostering Inclusion greatly enriches all of your interactions with people. Find out how you can be that inclusive person.

Links and book resources for segment two.

Experiential Learning by David A. Kolb

Go Wild by John Ratey

Diversity and Inclusion Prioritized

Diversity and Inclusion Linked to Stronger Financial Outcomes

Employment and Likeability

How We Learn by Benedict Carey

How Your Brain Processes Others

WNBA Census

Katie Smith's Legacy

Katie Smith Top 20 in NBA