You Inc. Tool: Harnessing Dreams and The Gift of Giving-Ep. 1 Podcast and Library

Dec 2, 2016

Episode One:  Harnessing Dreams and the Gift of Giving 

You Inc. Episode One Segment One 

The average person experiences roughly 150,000 dreams by the age of seventy—but what are your dreams really speaking to and how do you harness them? Learn how your mind turns on when the lights turn off in this episode.

You Inc. Episode One Segment Two

The key to happiness may be right at your fingertips. Learn how giving to others can both benefit the receiver and giver on this segment.  

To listen to Ria explain these tools, tune in to Central Ohio’s NPR Station, 90.5, Thursday night at 9:01.

Dream Dictionary by Tony Crisp

Lucid Dreaming by Charlie Morley

Psychology and Your Life by Robert Feldman

The Interpretation of Dreams by Sigmond Freud 


Nonlinear analysis and modeling of cortical activation and deactivation patterns in the immature fetal electrocorticogram


Drink & Dream at Your Own Risk by Ross Pomeroy