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Two big Columbus media personalities -- John DeSando and Johnny DiLoretto -- put their love of great movies on the line every week on Cinema Classics, a dynamic conversation about the classics of the past and the contemporary movies and performers that might be classics in the future. Then, of course, these guys could always engage in the odd, unclassifiable discussion...you just never know with these two.  

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John and Johnny, inspired by Beauty and the Beast, look at Disney live animations.

John and Johnny have the last words on the recent Oscars.

Inspired by The Red Turtle and Swiss Army Man, John and Johnny survey marooned movies.

John and Johnny, inspired by German comedy Toni Erdmann, explore socially-conscious comedies.

Cinema Classics Feb 23, '17 Oscar Snubs

Feb 25, 2017

John and Johnny remember some of the notable snubs in Oscar history.

Cinema Classics Feb 16, '17 Thrillers

Feb 15, 2017

After recently discussing plot twists, the boys tackle the allied subject of thrillers.

Cinema Classics Feb 9, '17 Plot Twists

Feb 8, 2017

Inspired by Split, John and Johnny explore plot twists.

The boys chat about their favorite Oscar winners of the past.

Cinema Classics Jan 26, '17 Dump Months

Jan 24, 2017

John and Johnny explain the January-February, August-September "Dump Months."

John and Johnny. inspired by Live by Night, explore the gangster genre.

Live by Night

Jan 11, 2017

The gangster  tropes are there, just not the passion.

Cinema Classics Jan 12, '17 Over-Rated Films of '16

Jan 11, 2017

Johnny and Sommer argue  over the over-rated films of 2016. She has the nerve to suggest under-rated films as well.

The boys try to match their individual  top ten lists for '16.

Cinema Classics Dec 29, '16 Musicals

Dec 29, 2016

Inspired by  La LA Land, John and Johnny recall musicals.

The boys give high praise to the career of Ben's brother, Casey.

The Johns bicker about the meaning of "classics" in this 31 sec promo.

Johnny DiLoretto takes the minimalist approach to four current films.

John and Johnny compare two queens of the current cinema.

John and Johnny compare the rising and falling stars of two oddball actors.

A Cinema Classic: Travolta-Hawke Mashup

with co-hosts John DeSando and Johnny DiLoretto

Award-winning Cinema Classics discusses great movies then and now. From films, genres, directors, and actors to everything else in between, the hosts don't always agree, but they are always fun and informative.

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Cinema Classics Dec 1, '16 New Westerns

Nov 29, 2016

The boys discuss Westerns since 1990.