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It’s Movie Time is an award-winning movie review show, hosted by John DeSando, which airs every Friday  at 3:01 and 8:01 PM.  You can also find "It's Movie Time" on Facebook.


  • LA Press Club National Entertainment Journalism Awards, 2010
    Winner: Radio Feature/Series
    Honorable Mention: Radio Critic of the Year
  • Hermes Award: Gold Award, 2010
  • MarCom Awards: Gold Award, 2010
  • LA Press Club National Entertainment Journalism Awards, 2009
    Finalist: Radio Critic of the Year
  • Communicator Awards: Silver Award of Distinction, 2009
  • MarCom Awards: Gold Award, 2009

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It's Movie Time July 15,'16 Dark Horse

Jul 15, 2016

John and Linda love this informative and endearing documentary. This show is a repeat from June 24, when the opening was delayed at the last minute.

Dark Horse

Jul 15, 2016

Not Disneyfied.  Just real life heroes in the sport of  kings.

It's Movie Time July 8, '16 The Secret Life of Pets

Jul 8, 2016

John and Wayne are just as excited as the kids about this raucous animation.

It's Movie Time Promo "Retirement" 7-6-16

Jul 7, 2016

Hear our recent promo about Bootsie:

It's Movie Time July 1, '16 Swiss Army Man and The BFG

Jun 30, 2016

John and Kevin find flatulence the through line in these films but nothing else for two  great movies.


Jun 30, 2016

A fantasy for young and old from our greatest living director.

Swiss Army Man, The BFG, The Shallows

Jun 30, 2016

Swiss Army Man

Paul Dano stars in Swiss Army Man as Hank, a man stranded on an island who gives up on suicide when he finds new hope in Daniel Radcliffe’s, Manny, a dazzling corpse that can fart to propulsive effect, produce potable water, and chop wood among other fantastical feats.

Swiss Army Man

Jun 29, 2016

More imaginative than anything else we've seen in years.

Len and Company

Jun 21, 2016

An insightful glimpse into parenthood and fame.


Jun 21, 2016

Observe a great editor work with a great writer.

It's Movie Time June 17,'16 Dheepan

Jun 17, 2016

John and Linda find richness in the Cannes Palme d'Or winner, Dheepan.

Film reviewed: Dheepan

by host John DeSando and guest, Linda Baas McClelland

It’s Movie Time has won numerous national awards including LA Press Club, MarCom, Communicator, Hermes, and Silver Microphone honors.

John DeSando, a Los Angeles Press Club first-place winner for National Entertainment Journalism, is also host of WCBE’s Cinema Classics. Contact him at


Jun 17, 2016

A disgraced politician lets it all hang out in this memorable documentary.


Jun 16, 2016

Deeply moving film about immigration and love with a violent backdrop.

Central Intelligence

Jun 16, 2016

It's a typical buddy comedy with some nice touches beyond the stereotypes.

It's Movie Time June 10,'16 The Conjuring 2

Jun 10, 2016

John and Hope review the Conjuring sequel, The Conjuring 2. It scares John, and it disappoints Hope.

The Conjuring 2

Jun 10, 2016

It's a scary one, no surprise because it has  a nun to do the heavy lifting.

Maggie's Plan

Jun 8, 2016

Greta is the wackier Parker Posey of her generation.

X-Men: Apocalypse

Jun 3, 2016

The worst of the series.

The Lobster

Jun 1, 2016

Strange and funny, a bit like romance itself.

Love & Friendship

Jun 1, 2016

One of the best Austen adaptations in film history.