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Performing songs from his latest disc For Now I Am Winter,  Olafur Arnalds helps the World Cafe explore the musical culture of Iceland as part of this week's Sense of Place series.  Plus, Sigur Ros from the archives.

That's World Cafe, tonight at pm on 90.5FM WCBE, 106.3FM in Newark and online at

Take a musical journey through Iceland on this week's Sense of Place series, which begins tonight with a Vintage Cafe featuring Asgeir. Plus, find out about the best new Icelandic bands with Oli P. from Reykjavic's Ras 2 Radio.

Sense of Place/Iceland on World Cafe, tonight at 8 on 90.5FM WCBE, 106.3FM in Newark and online at

WCBE is very happy to have Chris Smither back in the studio  to play a few songs for us! 

JOHNNYSWIM the Los Angeles based duo will play a few song for us during the Global Village ahead of their show that night at The Rumba Cafe

Boston's Sarah Borges has just released her brand new album Radio Sweetheart and is touring in support of it and will be making a stop in Columbus and at WCBE!

Twin Forks the folk rock group that started in 2011 by Chris Carrabba of Dashboard Confessional will perform a few songs Live From Studio A!

Columbus rockers Red Wanting Blue will release their latest CD Little America on Tues. July 1st and will perform for a special intimate show at The Rumba Café on Wed. July 2nd!

The Nashville five piece band The Wild Feathers will play a few songs for us during The Global Village!

Reggae sensation Ziggy Marley will perform with his band during the Global Village ahead of his show that night at The LC!

Out of Austin, TX., Jamestown Revival a group formed by Jonathan Clay and Zach Chance, will play a few songs for us during the Global Village!  They're out on road in support of a new release Utah and will make a stop at WCBE!

The amazing singer-songwriter LP will perform a few songs during the Global Village ahead of the show that at The LC with O.A.R. and Phillip Phillips

The word "charisma" is often used to imply a certain kind of attention-grabbing showiness, or even neediness. But it can also suggest subtle ease; a simple gravitational pull that draws people in by making them feel comfortable and at home.

Tune in for a live session of a mix of punk, soul, free jazz and garage rock with King Khan & The Shrines ahead of their show that night at Ace Of Cups

The 2009 album Hospice sparked a major breakthrough for The Antlers, but it's not the sort of success a band would want to duplicate, even if it could. As the title suggests, Hospice was built around a dark unifying theme — an examination of the events surrounding the slow death of singer Peter Silberman's friend — so the record comes by its desolate, life-and-death intensity honestly.

When Willie Nelson was a young hustler selling songs to Patsy Cline's people, he probably never thought he'd become the crowd-anointed sage of country music. But that's what happened as the Redheaded Stranger went gray, turned smoking weed into a brand and a virtue, and produced a discography that added up to its own American Songbook.

British singer-songwriter Sam Smith isn't shy. With a steady, well-trained swell of a voice and a knack for whipping in and out of his falsetto in a hairsbreadth, he doesn't feel the need to hide — not by stifling his vocal abilities and not by ducking beneath distracting, colorful production. But on his full-length debut, In the Lonely Hour, he proves that he can play that game when he feels like it.

Congratulations to John Parrett! John was randomly selected out of all of the registrations as the winner of this giveaway!

When the spirit of Nirvana surfaces in a song, the artist paying tribute almost always shares style points with that treasured band. The hair is shaggy, the clothes a little ragged; the lineage unfolds, relatively neatly, from punk to the present.

Swedish sisters Klara and Johanna Söderberg first made their names with feather-light chamber-folk confections that echoed the soaring sweetness of Fleet Foxes. A cover of that band's "Tiger Mountain Peasant Song" even helped launch the then-teenagers to YouTube fame back in 2008. But in 2014, styles have changed and so have the Söderbergs: First Aid Kit's major-label debut, Stay Gold, moves well beyond the portentous prettiness of the pair's 2012 breakthrough, The Lion's Roar.