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Get your Edutainment on! Every week a new tool to help build the most important brand in your life… YOU. Catch You Inc. every Saturday afternoon at 2:30 PM You Inc. and its companion show YouTune every Thursday at 9:01 PM, a five minute tune-up to give YOU an immediate fix to get up and humming and prepare you for You Inc, a part educational show AND a guest as part entertainment. Find out how to make a plan for taking charge of your life and how other highly successful individuals utilize these tools in their own lives. You will never be as young as you are today, so don’t wait another moment to actualize your dreams and yourself and your business. Let me, your host Ria Greiff, offer you the skills to maximize productivity, boost morale,manage your emotions, enhance your relationships and master those soft skills.

About Ria Inc.: Ria has a uniquely energizing and compassionate quality and provides her programming in a manner which she describes as “edutainment”. Ria Greiff is the producer and host of You Inc. and its companion show YouTune, weekly FM radio shows that are part wellness, part talk show with esteemed celebrities on how to build your brand— You, found on Central Ohio’s NPR Station on WCBE and podcasts on iTunes and SoundCloud under You Inc. Radio. Find out more about her show here. Hear all about Ria on the Improv is No Joke Podcast.

She is married, with three children and five cats, and also is the Model Trainer for Columbus College Art and Design’s Premier Event, the Senior Fashion Show. She is also an enthusiastic mentor for the OSU Young Graduates Mentoring program. Ria has also spearheaded a successful Public Edibles Initiative in a public park with fruit bearing trees, and nut bearing shrubs and annuals of vegetables and herbs for public consumption. She also shares a passion for animal activism with her kiddos aka Team Pizza.

Episode 20, Make Your Magic

Drop the wand, spare the bunny and put your hat back on your head—you do not need any dark magic to learn how to enchant your future. You just need 5 minutes of light-hearted advice and a nudge in the right direction. Join me in this magical YouTune to learn how to make your magic.

Siblings with Kelly & Rhiannon Mehring

Last week you tuned in to learn the power of dynamic duos. And when blood runs thicker than water, success is a continuous flow. This week, sisters Kelly and Rhiannon Mehring, business partners in their yoga studio Mat Happy show us how to release grudges to work towards a common goal together.  

 Siblings with Ram & Shyam Rajadhyaksha

They tease you and teach you, love you and loathe you; they are your best friend and your enemy. Your parents may have raised you, but it is your brothers and sisters who really shape you. Break the ‘sibling rivalry’ myth by tuning in to hear how Ram and Shyam Rajadhyaksha, successful business partners and siblings created a bond as strong as their business.   

One Year Anniversary Special: Gratitude 

This week is a special one as we are celebrating our one year anniversary with a focus on gratitude. As your host, I, Ria Greiff, am grateful for all of the incredible listeners who have tuned in with us every week to build their brand. A group just as important to be thankful for are the incredible guests we have had the privilege of hosting and, to celebrate, please join me in enjoying clips from some of our favorites throughout the course of our inaugural year. 

Business, Biking & More with Brand Consultant and Avid Cyclist Scott Razek

We all remember the first time we tried to ride a bike. Many fell, while, for others, it was a smooth ride. Nonetheless, our drive to get back on kept us going--- so why do we spend so much time now spinning our wheels when we could be on the ride of our life? This week, Scott Razek Pillar technologies brand ambassador and Master Pelatonian who sometimes rubs shoulders with glamorous Angels, Shares his trade secrets. 

Gardening for Good with Growing to Green Program Coordinator Bill Dawson

You have been tuning in every Saturday and Thursday to grow your brand, but we are constantly growing. While we may wish some parts of us could grow quicker than others--such as our bank accounts-- growth is the most basic function of human life. This week, Bill Dawson tells us about how his grew through growing-- literally-- and how a 20-year-old boxwood saved his life. 

Asking About Addiction with Photographer Extraordinaire Will Shivley

Sometimes the easiest way to find substance in life involves turning to substances.You are not alone. Several other working people are struggling with substance use and abuse while looking for a remedy. The solution to substance abuse may be easier than it looks. Tune in to hear from Will Shively about how he turned to capturing substances during a tough time in his life and how he found a love for photography to be his substance of choice. 

Halloween Special with Misfortune Enterprise Founder Bucky Cutright

Critical thinking and the scientific method have lead to major scientific breakthroughs including cures to fatal diseases. These same tools can help you cure the ills in your own life. For Becky Cutwright, Misfortune Productions founder, this meant learning how curating human experience can make for the best—and spookiest—programs. This week, Bucky Cutright joins us for a super spooky Halloween special to tell the story of the vampire named James Brown.  

Chatting About Change with Talk Show Host and Media Personality Johnny DiLoretto

What if we told you change was not a loss—but a replacement? While many fear the unknown result of change, categorizing our losses into categories that leave room for gain can help us conceptualize change and tackle it face on. Aren’t convinced? Hear from our very own WCBE community relations liason, Johnny Diloretto this week as he shares his journey hurdling through multimedia. 

 LIVE at Comfest and Burning Man

Get out of your house and indulge in your community. After all, the best way to build your brand is by engaging with those around you and what better way to do so than at the community festival? We’ll meet you there! This week, we go LIVE at Comfest with our very own Jim Coe and with playa name O-Man Burning man to find that sweet moment of living. 

Inclusion with Katie Smith

We are the same humans as we were 50,000 years ago, why should we treat each other any differently on the basis of how we look? Inclusion is key to success in any business, sport or, in general life. This week, we will revisit a talk we had with Katie Smith, Lady Buckeye, Olympian, and Pro Ball coach to tell us about her all-inclusive shopping trip abroad. 

 Capturing Creativity with Jami Goldstein

Children go from being 90% highly creative at age 5 to only 10% highly creative by age 7. It’s time to get that creativity back. This week, we will be revisiting one of our favorites with Jami Goldstein vice president of Marketing, Communications & Events, for the Greater Columbus Arts Council share bombasticly creative visions.

Dream Baby Dream-Suicide: 4:40-5:40

The Gift of Giving with Josh Miller

Give time, give kindness, give feedback and give a stranger meaning by helping in any way you can. Giving is the key to meaning in life. And, as you may notice, we are giving you the gift of re-visiting this pilot episode with a new YouTune to accompany it. Listen as special guest Josh Miller talks through his experience with giving as he single handedly created a tradition of giving underprivileged children the chance to experience filed trips. 

Dreams with Cheryl Harrison

Let’s make your dreams come true this week and revisit an oldy but goody episode from the very first week You Inc. began airing. Now, if you’ve been listening since the beginning you may recognize Cheryl Harrison, expert blogger and founder and editor of the Columbus boozing blog Drink Up Columbus. If not, be sure to tune in to learn how Cheryl Harrison made her dreams come true and how you can do the same.

Episode Nineteen:  See Your Way To Your Vision

If your reality is different than your imagination, use your imagination to create a new reality by harnessing the power of visualization.  Methods such as vision boards can help you to harness your vision and create a new reality.  At 9:01 this Thursday night, listen to Ria explain the importance of finding your vision on Central Ohio's NPR Station, 90.5 WCBE.

Episode Eighteen:  Find Your Festival

Have you been bit by the festival bug? If not, get buzzing! Festivals are a great way to enjoy culture and community. There are all sorts of festivals offering something for nearly any festival goer.   At 9:01 this Thursday night, listen to Ria explain how to find a festival perfect for you on Central Ohio's NPR Station, 90.5 WCBE.  

Episode Seventeen:  Accessing Humanity

"Good" does not have to be the only response to "How are you?" and getting coffee does not have to be a minute-long exchange with the barista. When we take time to invest ourselves in others, we learn more about the world and ourselves than we would have had we ideally passed by. At 9:01 this Thursday night, listen to Ria explain why gaining access is an important tool for your brand on Central Ohio's NPR Station, 90.5 WCBE.

Episode 16:  Sizzle with the Sensation of Relaxation

It is important to occasionally take time away from your busy schedule for relaxation.  Learning to cultivate relaxation and healthily cope with stress can have an immense impact on your life.  Learning to properly relax can help you to approach life’s challenges mindfully and purposefully, while enhancing productivity and creativity.  At 9:01this Thursday night, listen to Ria explain why realizing relaxation is an important tool for your brand.

Episode Fifteen:  The Miracle of Movement

Everyone knows that exercise is a healthy choice, but going to the gym can be a daunting idea.  However, making exercise a more regular part of your life may be an easier transition once you discover how exercise can enhance your life physically, emotionally, and psychologically.  At 9:01 this Thursday, listen to Ria explain why the miracle of movement is an important tool to add to your brand on Central Ohio's NPR Station, 90.5 WCBE.

Episode Fourteen:  Facing Omnipresent Crisis

Crisis is an unavoidable fact of life.  While crisis may be impossible to avoid, we hide from it because we are afraid of what is to come.  The solution is not to be afraid of crisis, but rather, to equip ourselves with the tools necessary to properly deal with it.  At 9:01 this Thursday night, listen to Ria explain why learning to face the omnipresence of crisis is an important tool for your brand on Central Ohio’s NPR Station, 90.5 WCBE.

Discussing Dance with Professional Ballerina Adrienne Benz

Let your body talk and join Ria in discussing dance.  We dance at celebrations and parties, implying dancing is something we do when we want to have a good time.  However, many of us rarely dance, but instead, grow stiff from embarrassment.  Improving body language can be a great tool for your brand!  Listen to Adrienne Benz, professional ballerina, discuss the delight of dance.

Chatting About Comedy with (614) Magazine Editor-in-Chief Travis Hoewisher

This week's episode is no joke-- join Ria in chatting about comedy. Taking time out of your schedule to simply laugh and find the humor in every situation can lead to genuine happiness.  Listen to Travis Hoewisher, (614) Editor-in- Chief, discuss how comedy enhances his life.  

Clowns and Jokers Can Heal Us:  Comedy and Medicine by Dr. Albert Howard Carter

Gender with Creative Director and Trans Activist Staley Munroe

In this week's episode, join Ria in discussing gender.  Our society has made much progress in respets to gender and heteronormative gender roles.  We have begun to view gender roles as societal constructs that need to be amended and should never limit anyone's self expression.  Listen to Staley Munroe, Creative Director adn Trans Activist, discuss the topic more thoroughly.

Family Matters with OSU Marching Band Director Christopher Hoch

 Beyond your family of relatives is the family that you choose, your family of friends and communities you participate in.  Maintaining these families in a healthy way is an important tool for your brand. In this week's episode, join Ria in discovering why family matters. Listen to Christopher Hoch, OSU Band Director, discuss why family matters to him.

Looking Fantastic with Fashion Week Columbus Founder Tommy McClure  

Dress well, test well was not just a myth to get you from going to class in pajamas. Fashion is not simply limited to what protects one's modesty, but has become one of the most prominent means of self expression.  Join Ria in talking about how fashion contributes to one's confidence; if you look good, you feel good!  Listen to Tommy McClure, founder of Fashion Week Columbus, discuss the role fashion plays in his life.

Rapping about Writing with Author Wolfgang Parker

Write your wrongs, write your rights, write it all. Join Ria in learning about how honing your abilities as a writer is vital for communication on all levels including that which is in yourself.  Listen to Wolfgang Parker, creator of the Crime Cats series and charity, discuss how the ability to effectively write has impacted his life. 

Embracing Authenticity with Life Coach Lisa Baird Panos

How can we unwrap our true self when we package it on our social media stories or imbedded in a 140 character tweet? Join Ria as we discuss how to embrace authenticity to gian individuality outside our of "social self."  Listen to Lisa Baird Panos, Certified Life Coach who specializes in empowering women to reclaim their lives, as she discusses the importance of knowing yourself and how achieving authenticity has helped her help many people. 

Acquiring Access with Azoti Founder David Ranallo

We are all born with an all-access pass to life-- but many are too scared to walk the path to get behind the scene. In this week's episode, join Ria in learning about acquiring access.  We are often surrounded by resources without even realizing it, and the ability to harness and utilize these resources could prove an invaluable tool for your brand.  Listen to David Ranallo, founder and CEO of Azoti, discuss how he has acquired access to resources in his life.

The Importance of Movement with Pam Nisevich Bede

Would you want to watch a movie about your life, or would they both just be you looking at a screen? Join Ria as she discusses the importance of movement in day-to-day life.  Working out can be a daunting idea, but going to the gym might not be as difficult when you realize that exercise has been linked to physical, emotional and even financial benefits.  Listen to Pam Nisevich Bede, marathoner and nutrition marketing manager, discuss how movement has improved her life.

New Points of View with Pam Popper

A twig, a magician's wand or a drummers stick-- we all view the world in different ways.  Join Ria as she talks about how looking at life from various points of view can help improve your outlook on life and impact the way you approach obstacles.  Listen to Pam Popper, bestselling author and nutritionist, discuss ways to utilize new points of view.