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Support WCBE without making a Donation!

We can never thank you enough for the financial support that makes our work possible. Here are some additional ways you can show your support for WCBE...without having an adverse impact on your finances! 


  • Shop where a portion of your purchase benefits WCBE!
    In order for your purchase to register under WCBE's Amazon account, please use links on our site only.

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  • Shop for books on WCBE's Amazon page about innovative leadership by Maureen Metcalf, the President of Metcalf & Associates, Inc.  
    Innovative Leadership Fieldbook and workbook series create an integrated system of leadership develop from college student through executive.  They are leading texts for executives, managers, and individual contributors providing a combination of well-researched theory with practical business case studies. 



  • Donate your used car, boat or truck to WCBE through the Car Talk Vehicle Donation Program.
    Click here for more information or call 1-866-789-8627.
  • Donate office supplies to WCBE.
    Examples of needed items: Business supplies - ink cartridges, envelopes, stamps, folders for sales/underwriting presentations, office copy machine, paper 8.5 x 11, office printer, office fax machine, batteries, reporter notebooks. Music Related Supplies - blank CDRs and DVDs.
  • Donate operational supplies to WCBE.
    Examples of needed items: cybernetics' miSAN (network storage and backup appliance), broadcast quality headphones, master control mixing board (Logitech), DAT players (broadcast standard Sony PCM), DATs (30, 60, 120 minutes), mini-discs (74 or 80 minutes).
  • Donate new/used computer equipment to WCBE!
    Examples of needed items: Pentium 3 (or above) desktops or laptops.
  • Shop and choose WCBE as your cause!
    Launched in 1997, is designed to help peoplesupport their favorite charitable causes through their everyday online shopping. channels thousands of dollars from our listeners' Internet activities to their favorite public radio station, WCBE 90.5FM. Through routine online shopping, listeners raise significant sums to benefit WCBE. makes this fundraising possible at no cost or obligation to individual shoppers or to the station.  Start shopping today!



  • Get personal. Volunteer for one of our membership campaigns or around the station and get to know us personally. To volunteer, please email our independent volunteer coordinator, Jon McKnight at
  • Talk to us. Send us an e-mail to when you hear something you don't like and, of course, especially when you hear something wonderful!
  • Keep us in mind. Refer a business associate, a friend, a client, or a peer to WCBE for individual membership, program underwriting, or event sponsorship.
  • Sing our praises. Or, actually, write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper when you want to say "thanks to WCBE." If it prints, send us a copy.
  • Stay tuned in. Keep your radio on 90.5 FM as much as you can. The more listeners, the better we are - you can even listen online while at work.