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What is our federal tax identification number?

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Are contributions tax deductible?
Contributions to WCBE 90.5 FM are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. Your gift is deductible for the amount of the contribution minus the fair market value of any thank you gift(s) you receive. Receipts are issued at the end of January for contributions made during the previous calendar year.

WCBE will email you a confirmation of your donation complete with tax information if your contribution is made online OR if you request this service per your renewal reply card. Written acknowledgement for donations will be mailed via the USPS on or before January 31st. Members may request a receipt by contacting our membership department at (614) 365-5555 or via email.

Listeners are responsible for keeping records of their charitable donations and are required to document donations made on or after Jan. 1, 2014 in the following ways:


  • Check #
  • Amount
  • Date
  • Name of recipient's organization: WCBE 90.5FM

Credit Card 

  • Amount
  • Transaction Date
  • Name of recipient's organization: WCBE 90.5FM


  • Name of recipient's organization: WCBE 90.5FM
  • Donation Date
  • Amount

Fair Market Value of WCBE Benefits
For tax purposes, the IRS stipulates that a charitable gift is deductible only to the extent that it exceeds the fair market value of any premium or benefit you receive in return.  Thank-you gift fair market values are as follows:

  • Anniversary DVD $5
  • Cooler Bag $5
  • Travel Mug, coffee packet & chocolate spoon $7
  • Coffee, scoop & chocolate spoon $10
  • T-Shirt (Adult) $15
  • T-Shirt (Adult) & T-shirt (Youth) $25
  • VIP membership $50  
  • CD/DVD Travel Case (1 DVD + 2 CDs) $21
  • CD/DVD Travel Case (1 DVD + 8 CDs) $51
  • Wine Spectator Magazine Subscription $49
  • Platinum membership  $50

Thanks again for your support of central Ohio’s most-listened to public radio station, WCBE!