American Electric Power

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission says the controversial power purchase agreements allowing two Ohio utilities to impose short-term rate increases cannot take effect until the agency approves them.

Regulators Set To Vote On Rate Hike For AEP And First energy

Mar 30, 2016

State regulators are set to vote tomorrow on a multi-billion-dollar rate hike proposal from two electric utilities that critics call a coal plant bailout.

Alternative energy supporters have organized a campaign against two proposed agreements that they call coal-plant bailouts.

Ohio Citizen Action

Utilities, energy officials and environmental advocates are debating a proposal that would set the stage for the future of energy in Ohio.

A deal between an environmental group and Columbus-based American Electric Power could change the future landscape of energy generation for the company. 

LeVeque Tower in downtown Columbus is without power at this hour.

Akron-based FirstEnergy is pushing a plan that would result in higher electric bills for the next three years.

Granville zoning officials have approved a Denison University plan to put solar panels in its Biological Reserve.

The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio has rejected Columbus-based American Electric Power's proposal to guarantee profitability from two of its aging coal-fired plants.

Mike Foley, WCBE

Columbus City Council last night approved an 813.9 million dollar municipal budget for this year.

AEP Releases Cause Of February Explosions

Sep 2, 2014

Columbus-based American Electric Power says explosions in downtown Columbus last February happened when insulation material on electricity cables broke down because of water, salt and other factors.

Columbus-based American Electric Power customers could be charged if they decide not to accept one of the utility's "smart meters." 

weather underground

Cleanup efforts will continue today after strong storms struck throughout the state last night.

AEP Seeks Rate Cut

May 27, 2014

Columbus-based American Electric Power is planning to cut rates for most residential customers by 12.6 percent.

The Ohio Supreme Court has temporarily blocked Duke Energy from charging customers for pollution clean-up at its deactivated manufactured-gas plants.

Columbus police say a fire in an underground vault belonging to Columbus-based American Electric Power caused several underground explosions downtown early this morning. The blasts knocked off manhole covers, set off fire alarms, knocked out traffic signals and caused several power outages.

SUPCO Rejects Refunds For AEP Customers

Feb 14, 2014

The Ohio Supreme Court has rejected an appeal seeking 368 million dollars in refunds for customers of Columbus-based American Electric Power.

American Electric Power is proposing a rate reduction for Ohio customers beginning in the summer of 2015 - one the state's utility watchdog says doesn't go far enough.

Work is underway to find the source of a power outage in Franklin County.

The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio says Columbus Southern Power had "excessive earnings" for 2010 under state law and should return 6.9 million dollars to customers.