Archdiocese of Cincinnati

The Cincinnati Archdiocese plans to update teacher contract language following a committee's suggestions on morality clauses.

The Cleveland Catholic Diocese has joined its counterpart in Cincinnati in requiring its elementary school teachers to sign controversial employment contracts. 

Gay relationships, abortions and artificial insemination are some of the actions the Archdiocese of Cincinnati is specifically banning in its teacher contract for next year.  

Jury Rules For Fired Pregnant Teacher

Jun 4, 2013

A jury has found the Cincinnati Archdiocese discriminated against a teacher fired after she became pregnant through artificial insemination.

Suit Filed By Pregnant Teacher Goes To Trial Today

May 28, 2013

Opening statements begin today in the trial of a teacher's lawsuit alleging The Cincinnati Archdiocese violated anti-discrimination laws by firing her over her pregnancy from artificial insemination.

Ohio Diocese Defends Firing Unmarried Pregnant Teacher

Feb 25, 2013

A Roman Catholic archdiocese in Ohio has denied discriminating against an unmarried Catholic school teacher who says she was fired because she was pregnant. 

Students at Purcell Marian Catholic High School in Cincinnati are planning a series of protests this week against the decision to fire a popular administrator.