Bath Salts

The Ohio Supreme Court has resolved a conflict over laws meant to outlaw bath salts or synthetic marijuana.

Columbus Division of Police

A Mount Vernon woman was sentenced Friday to more than three years in prison for helping a friend evade law enforcement after he killed his girlfriend and mother last year.

Suspect In Knox County Double-Homicide To Change Plea

Mar 23, 2016

´╗┐Knox County prosecutors say the man accused of fatally shooting his mother and girlfriend while high on bath salts is now expected to plead guilty.

Newark Advocate

The Knox County man who police say confessed to shooting and killing his mother and girlfriend while high on bath salts has been indicted on two counts of aggravated murder.

One of the three men charged with selling bath salts at four Columbus convenience stores has been sentenced to three years in prison.

Franklin County Sheriff's deputies have arrested twenty people on charges of selling bath salts.

AG Wants Changes In Laws Governing Synthetic Drugs

Jun 4, 2013

Ohio lawmakers have passed a crack down on synthetic drugs known as bath salts.

Union County Drug Bust

Sep 4, 2012

More than a dozen people are behind bars in Union County, facing a host of charges after a drug sweep on Sunday.