Bill Batchelder

Ohio Public Radio

One of the principal backers of the failed 2015 ballot issue to legalize marijuana is threatening legal action against the state's medical pot program.

Critics are sounding off about news that former Ohio House Speaker Bill Batchelder, who left office in December, is now working for a lobbying firm that’s representing ECOT,the state’s largest – and poorest performing – charter school.

State lawmakers ended their two-year session this month with a flurry of action, though many measures faltered or were pushed into the new year.

Ohio House Speaker Bill Batchelder says a poll on term limits shows voters should consider the issue soon.

Batchelder Wants Beck To Leave Ohio House

May 8, 2014

Ohio House Speaker Bill Batchelder says he plans to again speak to representative Peter Beck about resigning following his Tuesday primary election loss to real estate developer Paul Zeltwanger.

Republican House Speaker Bill Batchelder says Governor Kasich's midterm budget is being divided into 14 separate bills.

Republican Ohio Governor John Kasich says he'll deliver his annual State of the State speech in the northeast Ohio city of Medina.

Supporters Of Medicaid Expansion Start Petition Drive

Sep 3, 2013

Backers of Medicaid expansion have started to gather petition signatures to get the issue before voters should the Legislature fail to act.

Democrats Contend Republicans Stalling On Expanding Medicaid

Aug 28, 2013

Democrats in the Ohio House are accusing Republican legislative leaders of stalling on a decision on whether to expand the Medicaid health program to cover more low-income residents.

Batchelder Questions Medicaid Expansion

Jan 24, 2013

Ohio House Speaker Bill Batchelder says his Republican colleagues have concerns about the expense of expanding Medicaid, though he has yet to discuss with them whether the state should increase coverage.

Democratic state representative Clayton Luckie of Dayton has missed votes this week amid an FBI probe of his conduct.