Billy Slagle

State Issues Final Report On Prison Suicides

Dec 3, 2013

The state has released a final report on two high profile suicides by prison inmate earlier this year. 

Prison Guard Resigns Following Inmate Suicide

Nov 1, 2013

A guard at the Chillicothe Correctional Institution has resigned after the state found falsified logs documenting checks on a death row inmate who later committed suicide.

Guards' Union Criticizes Probe Of Inmate Suicides

Sep 19, 2013

The union representing Ohio prison guards says the scope of a state-commissioned review on inmate suicides is too narrow and does not address the broader issues affecting the state's prison system.

State Releases Report On Inmate's Suicide

Sep 17, 2013

State officials say one and possibly two prison guards falsified an electronic log documenting checks on a death row inmate who committed suicide days before his scheduled execution.

Third Inmate Suicide In Two Months

Sep 11, 2013

The state says a prison inmate has committed suicide, the third case of an Ohio prisoner killing himself in two months. 

State prisons officials have placed two jail guards on leave as they investigate the suicide of an inmate who was scheduled to be executed earlier this week.

Just days before he was set to be executed, a condemned killer hanged himself at the prison in Chillicothe.

Kasich Rejects Clemency For Slagle

Jul 25, 2013

Ohio Governor John Kasich has rejected clemency for a condemned killer, despite Cuayhoga County prosecutor Tim McGinty's rare plea to commute his sentence to life without parole.

Parole Board Rejects Clemency For Slagle

Jul 17, 2013

The Ohio Parole Board has recommended against clemency for a death row inmate convicted of killing a woman in her home in 1987.

Parole Board Considering Clemency Plea

Jul 8, 2013

Cuayhoga County prosecutors and defense attorneys are asking the Ohio Parole Board today to spare a death row inmate convicted of stabbing and killing a Cleveland woman in 1986 during a burglary at her home.