Blaine Romes

Putnam County Teen Sentenced In Double Murder Case

Nov 19, 2013

A Putnam County teen has been sentenced to life in prison in the killings of two teen brothers.

Detective: Fay Lied To Investigators

Sep 12, 2013

A Putnam County Sheriff's detective says a teenager accused of killing two brothers lied to investigators after his arrest.

Teen Pleads Not Guilty To Double Murder

Jul 12, 2013

A 17-year-old boy arrested in Columbus has pleaded not guilty to adult murder charges in the slayings of two teen brothers in Ottawa.

Putnam County prosecutors have filed delinquency murder charges against a teen arrested in Columbus last week.

A Franklin County Magistrate has ordered a 17-year-old Putnam County youth be held until he can be extradited on a warrant for grand theft of a motor vehicle.