The winner of this giveaway is Matthew Warner! Congratulations! His name was selected at random for the giveaway. From Matthew:

I usually listen to NPR in my car just because it always has news I'm interested in, and music to discover. I really like world music, and jazz - I listen to NPR quite a bit. I'm really excited to win these tickets!

WCBE/Richelle Antczak McCuen

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In addition to saying "thank you", I'd like to say "congratulations" to the hundreds of people who entered our Festival Ticket Giveaways and iPad Mini Giveaways. Here is a complete list of our winners and why they choose to support WCBE!

Congratulations to member, Edward Leonard! He is the winner of our Festival Ticket Giveway to Bonnaroo, held on Tuesday, April 23th during our spring on-air fundraiser.  


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