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9am: Space Radio -Space Radio is your weekly guide to the universe, featuring the latest news in astronomy, physics, space travel, and discussions on the nature of science and the relationship between science and society. The best part: answers to your questions about space and time! Hosted by Paul Sutter.

Discussing Dance with Professional Ballerina Adrienne Benz

In this week's episode, join Ria in discussing dance.  We dance at celebrations and parties, implying dancing is something we do when we want to have a good time.  However, many of us rarely dance, growing stiff from embarrassment instead.  Improving body language can be a great tool for your brand!  Listen to Adrienne Benz, professional ballerina, discuss the delight of dance.

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Chatting About Comedy with (614) Magazine Editor-in-Chief Travis Hoewisher

In this week's episode, join Ria in chatting about comedy.  Often, we only see the challenges of life from a certain perspective, and we approach them in kind.  Taking time out of your schedule to simply laugh and find the humor in every situation can lead to genuine happiness.  Listen to Travis Hoewisher, (614) Editor-in- Chief, discuss how comedy enhances his life.  

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Gender with Creative Director and Trans Activist Staley Munroe

In this week's episode, join Ria in discussing gender.  Our society has made much progress in respets to gender and heteronormative gender roles.  We have begun to view gender roles as societal constructs that need to be amended and should never limit anyone's self expression.  Listen to Staley Munroe, Creative Director adn Trans Activist, discuss the topic more thoroughly.

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Family Matters with OSU Marching Band Director Christopher Hoch

In this week's episode, join Ria in discovering why family matters.  Beyond your family of relatives is the family that you choose, your family of friends and communities you participate in.  Maintaining these families in a healthy way is an important tool for your brand.  Listen to Christopher Hoch, OSU Band Director, discuss why family matters to him.

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Looking Fantastic with Fashion Week Columbus Founder Tommy McClure  

In this episode, join Ria in learning about fashion.  Fashion is not simply limited to what protects one's modesty, but has become one of the most prominent means of self expression.  Fashion can contribute to one's confidence; if you look good, you feel good!  Listen to Tommy McClure, founder of Fashion Week Columbus, discuss the role fashion plays in his life.

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Rapping about Writing with Author Wolfgang Parker

In this week’s episode, join Ria in reviewing writing, a powerful tool that you might take for granted.  Being a writer can mean anything from completing a novel to posting on Facebook, and honing your abilities as a writer is vital for communication on all levels.  Listen to Wolfgang Parker, creator of the Crime Cats series and charity, discuss how the ability to effectively write has impacted his life. 

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Embracing Authenticity with Life Coach Lisa Baird Panos

In this week’s episode, join Ria in analyzing authenticity and the importance of discovering and representing your genuine self.  Listen to Lisa Baird Panos, Certified Life Coach who specializes in empowering women to reclaim their lives, as she discusses the importance of knowing yourself and how achieving authenticity has helped her help many people. 

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Making Magic with Magician and Comedian Eric Tait

In this week's episode, join Ria in discussing magic, both the kind that is simply a sleight of hand, and the real kind that happens in all of our lives.  As magical as life can be, not many people take the time to experience the magic in their own lives.  Listen to Eric Tait, magician and comedian, discuss how magic, both in and out of his act, has enhanced his life.  

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Finding Your Vision with Photographer and Author Nick Fancher

In this week’s episode, join Ria in investigating vision and the importance of having a vision in order to effectively and creatively overcome life’s challenges and eventually achieve your goals.  Listen to Nick Fancher, Ohio based portrait and commerce photographer, discuss vision not only as it relates to photography, but also as it relates to success.

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Figuring Festivals with Festival Organizer Erin Corrigan

In this week's episode, join Ria in becoming familiar with festivals.  Festivals have become an important part of our culture, whether they be local or nationwide events.  However, we often forget a festival can be as simple as a backyard celebration.  Listen to Erin Corrigan, festival organizer and civic leader, share how embracing festivals has enhanced her life.

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Acquiring Access with Azoti Founder David Ranallo

In this week's episode, join Ria in learning about acquiring access.  We are often surrounded by resources without even realizing it, and the ability to harness and utilize these resources could prove an invaluable tool for your brand.  Listen to David Ranallo, founder and CEO of Azoti, discuss how he has acquired access to resources in his life.

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We’re in Ames, Iowa, the last stop on our year-long national listening tour. We’ll be talking with Iowans about the way ahead for America.

The Importance of Movement with Pam Nisevich Bede

In this week's episode, join Ria in discovering the many benefits of regular movement.  Working out can be a daunting idea, but going to the gym might not be as difficult when you realize that exercise has been linked to physical, emotional and even financial benefits.  Listen to Pam Nisevich Bede, marathoner and nutrition marketing manager, discuss how movement has improved her life.

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6pm-8pm  - The Show with Chris Thile

New Points of View with Pam Popper

In this week's episode, join Ria in discussing how understanding new points of view can be a great tool for your brand.  Looking at life from various points of view can help improve your outlook on life and impact the way you approach challenges and obstacles.  Listen to Pam Popper, bestselling author and nutritionist, discuss ways to utilize new points of view.

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Manifesting Satisfaction with Lynette and Jim Vaive

This week, join Ria in learning about manifesting satisfaction through finding your own voice.   Finding your own voice outside of what society dictates creates empowerment and individuality, which can be applied to many facets of life.  Listen to Everyday People Ministries' Lynette and Jim Vaive discuss how important it is to find your own voice and create satisfaction.

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Sharing Experiences with Eric McGraw

In this week’s episode, join Ria in learning about sharing experiences, either offering your own or learning from others.  An openness to new experiences and opportunities is a great tool to help build your brand.  Listen to Eric McGraw, owner of Laonei Global Trade Consulting, discuss how xenophilia has helped him succeed.

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Episode Six:  How to be Voracious About Your Values

Value management is the ability to devour our temporal obligations in order to make time for what is important.  We have multitudes vying for our attention, and, in order to properly allot time for the things we care about, we must learn to properly prioritize.  At 9:01 this Thursday night, listen to Ria discuss how becoming voracious with your values could be a great tool for your brand on Central Ohio’s NPR Station, 90.5 WCBE.  

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Sep 24, 2017

WCBE's webstream is currently down due to an internet outage. Our host internet provider had been contacted. The webstream may not be back online until Monday. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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Sep 21, 2017

WCBE relies on volunteers for a variety of tasks such as answering telephones during our fund drives, stuffing mailers, or representing WCBE at local concerts, community events and other fundraisers. 

As a volunteer, you'll get to see our on-air studios, meet like-minded people who share your passion for public radio, and become even more part of the WCBE family.

Have you noticed anything different this Autumn?

You haven’t been hearing about our usual Warp Drive leading into our Fall fundraiser. Instead of Warp Drive, WCBE is part of The Columbus Foundation’s Big Give. When you donate to 90.5 October 10th and 11th through the Foundation, one hundred percent of your gift will go to WCBE, and is amplified with a pro-rata share of their 1.3 million dollar “matching” pool. Any gift becomes a Big Gift through The Big Give!

NO PURCHASE NESSECARY. Entries start on 9/20/17 and end on October 6th. Open only to members taking the survey. Winner will be picked at random on October 9th.  Odds of winning depend on the number of completed surveys.

The winner will receive one pair of tickets to see David Sedaris, on October 28th at The Ohio Theatre at 8pm. For more information email Caitlin Farkas, WCBE Membership Director at cfarkas@wcbe.org

Peter A. Margaritis CPA

Multiplicity with Peter A. Margaritis CPA

This week, join Ria in discovering “Multiplicity,” a great tool for dealing with stress, effectively managing energy, and more. Hear Peter Margaritis, both a Certified Public Accountant and the author of Improv Is No Joke, discuss how “multiplicity” has helped him succeed. 

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Short Cuts with Eric Bean and Lenny Kolada

In this week's episode, learn how to utilize "Short Cuts" in order to recharge and be able to handle life's challenges effectively and creatively.  Listen to Eric Bean and Lenny Kolada discuss these "Short Cuts," hear their thoughts on the growing craft brewing industry, and discover how sometimes taking a break can be the best choice for your brand.

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Understanding Generational Differences with Artie Isaac

In this week’s episode, discover how an understanding of generational differences can be used as a tool in your life with the help of Artie Isaac. Isaac, a skilled public speaker and motivator, will help you continue to build your brand by learning how to effectively communicate across generations, understand generational culture, and keep your mind plastic.

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Sparking Simplicity with StoryTeller Larry Smith

In this episode, spark simplicity in your life by considering your “why,” meditating on motivation, and contemplating your essence and what really matters. Build your brand with Larry Smith, the creator of Smith Magazine and the Six Word Memoir Project. 

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Open to Optimism w/ Executive Director and Emmy Award Winner John Daugherty

In this week's episode, learn the importance of optimism with the help of Emmy Award winner, John Daugherty. Making the choice to include this tool into your lifestyle will allow you to face your problems with a more positive outlook, just as John Daugherty's openness to optimism helped him succeed.


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How to Fiddle with Fear with Storytelling Pro & Entrepreneur Leaper David All

In this week's episode, learn the importance of examining and harnessing fear to use as a tool. Build your brand by confronting what scares you and learning to handle both true and unwarranted fears in an effective way. Listen to David All, professional storyteller and successful entrepreneur, discuss how he utilizes this tool to further his career.

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Dual Career Relationships with April and Kyle Katz

In this week’s episode, learn how to maintain your career while you maintain your relationship with your spouse and his or her line of work.  It is all about time management, individuality, and practice.  April Zimmerman Katz and her husband, Kyle Katz, are here as a primary example and to further explain the intricacies of a dual career relationship. 

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