Buckeye Firearms Association

Advocates on both sides of a proposed bill in the Ohio House to relax restrictions on gun-free zones are wasting no time in weighing in on yesterday's attack at Ohio State University by a knife wielding student. 

As one might expect, both sides in the gun control debate have different takes on the executive actions President Obama announced this week to try and reduce the rate of gun violence.

Gun rights advocates supporting a plan to let Ohio hunters use silencers have given 20 state lawmakers or their aides a first-person look at the devices.

Lawmakers Consider Changes To State Gun Laws

Oct 29, 2013

Ohio lawmakers are taking up a bill that would change gun laws in Ohio.

Opponents of a plan to enact Florida's "Stand Your Ground" law in Ohio held a protest at the Statehouse yesterday.

Teachers Sign Up For Weapons Training

Jan 4, 2013

A gun rights group says the number of teachers who have signed up for a free training program is growing.

Gun Rights Group To Train Teachers

Dec 27, 2012

Following the Connecticut school shootings, the Buckeye Firearms Association is launching a pilot program to train 24 teachers on how to use firearms.