Capital Improvements Budget

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State lawmakers have released their 2.6 billion dollar capital improvements budget.

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One day before the City Council primary election, Columbus leaders yesterday unveiled the city's 861.4 million dollar capital improvements budget for the year.

Columbus City Council last night approved a resolution prohibiting municipal employees from making non-essential trips to North Carolina in response to that state’s law requiring people to use bathrooms based on the gender on that person's birth certificate.

Columbus officials have released details of the city's latest Capital Improvements Budget.

A conservative-leaning think tank has issued a list of what it calls "ridiculous" requests from local communities in the state's capital improvements budget proposal.

Plans to turn a former Columbus City Schools building into a community center have gotten a financial boost.

Highland West Neighbors Association


The city of Columbus plans to spend 275 million dollars this year on new infrastructure projects and equipment purchases.

Columbus City Council last night approved cutting the city's pension contributions for non-unionized management level employees.