Capitol Square Review and Advisory Board

Ohio Public Radio

The Ohio Statehouse has added a charging station for electric wheelchairs.

Former astronaut John Glenn will be buried at Arlington National Cemetery. 

The Capitol Square Review and Advisory Board has voted to cut weekly hours at the Statehouse by 10 hours per week.

The Capitol Square Review and Advisory Board has selected a successor for its retiring director.

USA Today

Golfing legend and Columbus native Jack Nicklaus is among three people honored this year with the "Great Ohioans" Award.

Funeral services are pending for the first director of the Capitol Square Review and Advisory Board.

Board: No Same-Sex Marriages At Statehouse

Jul 19, 2014
State of Ohio

The Capitol Square Review and Advisory Board says it will maintain its policy of preventing same-sex couples and others without valid Ohio wedding licenses from renting the Statehouse and its grounds for weddings and receptions.


The Capitol Square Review and Advisory board plans to raise the rate for the public to park at the Statehouse garage.

Higher Security At Statehouse

Oct 22, 2013

After more than 160 years of no searches at entrances to the Statehouse, visitors will soon have to open up their bags.

Ohio Won't Have First Statehouse Holocaust Memorial

Aug 7, 2013
Studio Daniel Libeskind

After months of touting that Ohio’s would be the first Statehouse in the country to have a Holocaust memorial --  it turns out it won’t. 

Iowa has already broken ground on a similar memorial, and will dedicate it in October – while construction on Ohio’s memorial hasn’t even started. Joyce Garver Keller is the executive director of Ohio Jewish Communities, which represents Ohio’s eight Jewish federations in Ohio, says she told Governor John Kasich that Ohio’s Statehouse memorial would be the first.  But she says, in the end it really doesn’t matter who's first.

Holocaust Memorial Approval Won't End Controversy

Jul 18, 2013

A Statehouse Board gave final approval for a hotly contested Holocaust Memorial today.

Finan Resigning From Statehouse Board

Jul 18, 2013

The Capitol Square Reivew and Advisory Board plans to decide today whether to accept a design for a Holocaust memorial to be erected on the Statehouse grounds.

Statehouse Holocaust Memorial Moves Forward

Jun 5, 2013

Progress continues on the Holocaust memorial being planned for the Ohio Statehouse grounds.